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Premium USB Type-C to HDMI Adapter With USB 3.0 & USB-C Charging Port

Premium USB Type-C to HDMI Adapter With USB 3.0 & USB-C Charging Port

Premium USB Type-C to HDMI Adapter With USB 3.0 & USB-C Charging Port 

Premium USB Type C to HDMI Multiport Adapter 3 in 1, USB C to HDMI + USB3.0 A + USB C Charging Port, Deliver Audio/Video content to an HDMI equipped display from a USB-C device. Support HDMI 4Kx2K 30HZ.

Length: 0.15m

Color: Silver

Wire: 24AWG

Connector 1 : (1) USB-C Male Nickel Plated with chipset

Connector 2 : (1) HDMI Female, (2) USB-A 3.0 Female  (3) USB-C Female


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Connect to HDTV, Projector, or Other Display with HDMI Port from Laptop USB-C Port


The USB-C to HDMI Audio/Video Adapter Converter with Power Delivery is an good for connecting a device with a USB 3.1 Type-C connector to an HDTV, projector, or other display with an HDMI port while simultaneously charging the source device. The audio/video support is built into the USB Type-C ports to feed an audio/video signal to an HDMI HDTV or projector. This adapter supports up to a 4K (3840x2160 at 30Hz) resolution, allowing it to deliver a high quality video image to the connected display.

 The USB 3.1(Gen2) Type-C Adapter supports data transfer speed up to 10Gbps.


Expand your Screen to a HDTV

Connect your USB-C device to an HDMI TV or display and enjoy perfect picture with 4K 60Hz and  stunning sound. The USB-C to HDMI adapter provides a smooth and effortless experience for connecting your USB-C-enabled device to your HDTV, 4K/Ultra HDTV. you can easily share your movies with your friend on a larger TV/monitor/projector with HDMI port from your type C computer.

l  Compatible with devices that have a video-enabled USB-C port (smartphones, tablets & laptops)

l  Compatible with HDMI-enabled displays

l  Thunderbolt™ 3 Port Compatible





13.jpgHDMI+USB 3.0 + USB C Output Port

The USB-C female port located next to the HDMI female port will only transfer power into the device that the male USB-C end of the USB-C to HDMI Audio/Video Adapter Converter with Power Delivery is attached to. The USB-C Female port cannot be used to power, charge, or output data to a device connected to the USB-C female port.

ΠUSB Type-C female Port: Charge port

The USB Type C female port allows you to charge your 12 inch Macbook, Google new Chromebook Pixel and other devices with type C port. Supporting max charging voltage 20V and current 3A. The USB-C female port will only transfer power into the device.It can not output data to a device.

 HDMI port supports resolution up to 4K*2K

HDMI Port:Allows you to mirror your USB Type-C device display to your HDMI-enabled TV or display in up to 4Kx2K ultra HD resolution.Supports  most monitors, projectors, HDTVs and other devices with HDMI port.

Ž USB 3.0 A female port:High Data Transferring Speed

With transfer rate up to 5 Gbps, allows you to connect your existing USB devices, such as keyboard, mouse, HDD, flash drive for syncing your iPhone or other devices. 

USB 3.0 Type A Port: To connect devices such as your keyboard, mouse, HDD, flash drive or a USB cable for syncing and charging your smart phone or other devices.

12.jpgUSB-C Port Power Delivery Function

l  USB Type‐C offers greater power delivery, which allows for up to 100 watts to be carried over a USB cable. Ensure that a USB-C equipped laptop, smartphone, or tablet is fully charged and ready to go while displaying video content. Deliver up to 60W of charging power to the connected device whether you are out in the field presenting, hot-desking, or at home streaming movies. This audio/video adapter converter offers a light-weight, portable, and simple way to deliver video and stay charged up.



11.jpgPlug and Play with Reversible USB-C Connector

Never worry about which way to plug in again. USB-C is a new user-friendly reversible connector that allows you to connect your cable to your device in any direction. Reversible USB Type-C will become reversible meaning no more fumbling around. This was arguably the best aspect of Apple’s Lightning connector and now USB has the same flexibility.

The new USB-C is the only multi-function reversible plug-in port that can handle everything from video audio output and data transfer. It is not only suitable for the latest MacBook Pro and HP Specter, but also for flagship smartphones such as Google Pixel.


USB-C is a masterpiece of all the industry, maybe one day from your laptop to the Samsung Galaxy S8, USB-C will replace HDMI, USB Type-A, and even the sacred headphone jack. USB-C will do this when you find that your favorite device is now limited to one or two ports instead of five ports.

4.jpgPremium Products Series with Aluminum alloy casing design

We designed a series of premium products, more high-end positioning. Aluminum alloy shell design, have a good look and feel. It make the product more solid and good heat resistance and more aesthetic feeling, looks like is not just a product, more beautiful and practical.

The aluminum alloy casing allows you a better touch experience and provide a better protection for the internal components of the adapter, as well as a good heat dissipation. The both connector become more strong with the aluminum casing.






Wide Application with USB-C Adapter

l  HDMI Port:  Supports Audio/Video transmssion, Audio 7.1 channel ,Video resolutions up to 4K*2K/30Hz and Comptable with 1080p ( With extra HDMI2.0 Cable to connect )

l  USB 3.0 Port:This port can supply Supper Speed 5Gbps data transmission. Compatible with USB flash disk, mouse, keyboard, camera, removable hard drive, or other USB A 3.0/USB A 2.0 devices

l  USB C 3.1 Type-C Female  Port: Supply Power Delivery  20V3A ,Charging Smartphone,Tablet                                                                     

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